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Pam Sinclair - Solution Centred Therapy
About Me


My resume will give you an insight to my background and training.  I am truly focused on making a difference both spiritually and emotionally.  I constantly remind both friends and clients that you can’t change history, you can learn from it and learn how to cope with it.

 I am not a starchy individual.  I try not to be egotistical and believe in making people feel comfortable and relaxed.  When working with my clients I ensure we work as a team, and therefore, determination to improve has to be from both sides.  I wish I had a magic wand but sadly I don't!  Being easy to talk to, allows me to ascertain any CP issues.

I dislike greed and believe in being honest and fair.  If I don’t think my approach is suitable for you I will happily tell you and refer you to a more suitable therapy/therapist.  I try to be realistic with time and charges. My biggest rewards are seeing my clients flourish.

Some of the client’s/students I have helped.

I have helped two well known soap actors in raising their own self esteem and adjust to a world far removed from their own. 

Various students with difficult home circumstances have much improved knowing they have weekly support within their school environment.

Mrs S….  ME sufferer for 6 years. This client has spent many years visiting specialists, doctors and counsellors. Number of sessions with me; just 8.  No trace of pounding neck and head, No exhaustion or lethargy experiences. Now feels elated.

Mr G…  Sleep phobia. Suffered for 1 year. Afraid of closing his eyes. Relied on medication which became ineffective. Number of sessions: 3. Now sleeps 6 hours a night unaided. 

Mrs P…. Low self esteem, no friends. Struggled with all relationships. Afraid to leave the security of her home. Number of visits: 7. Now regularly gets together with friends and family.

Miss P……. A lifetime of feeling unhappy, fearing death. Felt locked in to a dark world.  Sessions: 6.  Now feels reborn.

Do you experience any of the following:

Feeling low

Family issues



Fed up


No direction


ME/debilitating condition


Low confidence/self esteem



Difficult upbringing



If any of the above prevents you or your students from moving on,

then please contact me.

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