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Pam Sinclair - Solution Centred Therapy


My Career to Date ….

The Beginning

Starting out as a young adult and a people's person, I loved the idea of interviewing and recruiting and secured a position which lasted for many years within a high street recruitment company.  This enabled me to understand diversity and connection and allowed me to work with individuals, leading them to discover their qualities, strengths and abilities.  This was the beginning of my 'mind building' career.

The Middle

Since then, seeing clients on a one to one basis or in a group situation has helped individuals to embark upon a new position and /or has given them the confidence to present themselves well on interview.  
Wanting to make a difference, I found an opportunity to train and work as an NLP Life Coach.  It was inspiring to see individuals both older and younger realise their dreams by following their own targets and goals and enjoying the fruits of their labour. I apply this not only in my personal life but also within the work place, and have been involved with training and team building for specific Companies.

Working with children in schools has also been a wonderful experience.  It is a pleasure to see children blossom and rewarding to see them develop and grow. Changing patterns are highly effective.

The Continuation

I have always liked to help people who are emotionally in pain.  I can feel negative energy and detect sadness within individuals. I work using my training, heart, knowledge and life skills.  I have been formally trained by an eminent psychologist who has filtered the ‘best bits’ of various therapies and rolled them into one.  (Solution Centred Therapy). I have encountered many situations that have been challenging and my results, I'm delighted to say, have been excellent.   Over the last 4 years, I have seen clients on a one to one and students ranging from 11 - 21 years of age. During my lunch times at school, I see teachers who need to off load and are in need of coping stratergies.


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